In this rare bit of sunshine we are getting lately, it is becoming warm and bright and the sun is out for longer which is just fabulous, but spare a thought for your flowers and make sure they are being looked after in this heat!

You don’t want your flowers to be opening too soon or just wilting, so to get the most out of your blooms, we have just put a few steps together to ensure the healthy life of your beautiful buds.

Most of our bouquets are aqua packed, which means we have them prepared and displayed in water to prolong their life as soon as they are made up, ready for you to take home. So many times we have seen people just leave their flowers in this aqua pack, but this water will get drunk by the stems and without you realising you could have your flowers sat there in no water! Take the flowers out of the pack and cut the steams about 3cm on an angle and place them in cool water and add the flower feed too.

If you can remember, try to change the water everyday, it’s important that it’s fresh and get rid of any leaves below the water line and also give your stems a rinse of any slime!

When finding a spot for your blooms, usually the kitchen table, fireplace or window sill, make sure not to place them directly in sunlight. Yes, all plants and flowers love the sun but if it’s all day, especially while you’re at work and not even getting to enjoy them anyway, then they will not last as long as they should. I always put my flowers in a cool shady spot while I’m out, and then put them in the sun for a little in the evening when it’s not so hot. By the same token don’t leave your flowers in a draughty cold room – they will go just as quick as being in the sun too long!

Who thought there was this much involved with keeping your flowers going for as long as they can! I suppose foremost is that you buy quality flowers, and that is something will can always assure at Wilde Flowers. We guarantee at least 7 days of freshness from the moment you order from us, and we love nothing more than to see you with your lovely flowers so please post and tag us on Instagram and we’ll always repost and tweet our happy customers’ snaps!